Error code

Here is the list of error codes you might encounter in case of incorrect integration:

Error type codeDescription
missing-mandatory-parameterA mandatory parameter is missing
missing-transaction-idThe parameter ti is missing
invalid-actionThe action request API is invalid
invalid-signatureThe signature is invalid or wrongly formatted
unknown-tokenThe token does not exist
service-unavailableThe service is temporarily unavailable
unknown-transaction-idthe transaction-id is unknown or this transaction is 24 hours older
d-parameter-is-a-json-too-longThe parameter d is too long
d-parameter-is-not-a-json-validThe parameter d is not a valid JSON format.
wrong-http-methodThe current HTTP method is not allowed
ts parameter is missingThe parameter ts is missing
ts parameter is invalidThe parameter ts is outdated
te parameter is missingThe parameter te is missing
pl-parameter-format-is-invalidThe parameter pl format is invalid
ac-parameter-format-is-invalidThe parameter ac format is invalid
ruhe-parameter-is-missingThe parameter ruhe format is missing
ruhe-parameter-format-is-invalidThe parameter ruhe format is invalid