Eyewitness is an extension of Evina's solution: DCBprotect.

Eyewitness allows to view in replay user's actions on pages throughout the payment flow.



Eyewitness allows partners

  • To review the way users give consent to subscribe to a service, and discover if it is fraud or an accidental click.
  • To control and verify compliance of non-hosted pages.
  • To get data certified by a third-party company.


Eyewitness feature activation

To activate Eyewitness, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

How does it work?

1- The script is setup with cjv=1 by the partner on the selected page.

2- Events are sent to Evina.

3- Once the page is loaded, the script recovers all the data needed to create the replay.

4- Replay is available on a dedicated dashboard.