TrafficScreener is an extension of Evina's solution: DCBprotect.

TrafficScreener is a new type of check that is performed while the banner redirects to a merchant’s page


TrafficScreener allows partners

  • To evaluate the performance of their sources (bots, banner advertising)
  • To act more quickly in the event of fraud
  • To multiply the sources to monitor


TrafficScreener feature activation

To activate TrafficScreener, please contact first your Customer Success Manager.

How does it work?

1- The protection script is setup by the partner on the pages to protect.

2- Events are sent to Evina.

3- Once the page is loaded (event load), a check is automatically done with no action required by the partner.

4- TrafficScreener « pc » parameter gets a fraud type code according to a metrics analysis.

5- The TrafficScreener value can be viewed in a dedicated dashboard