Discover how Evina's SMSprotect works

Evina's SMSprotect secures your SMS flows

SMSprotect allows mobile network operators, payment / messaging gateways and digital merchants to protect any SMS flow to ensure that a real person is interacting with them.


In addition to securing payment flows by detecting fraudulent transactions, SMSprotect:

  • Ensures brand safety
  • Decreases end-user complaint rates
  • Eliminates fraudsters

Partners can focus on developing sustainable businesses and on building new partnerships while safely exploiting promising opportunities.

Evina supports partners on a daily basis by:

  • Providing them with critical data on their traffic quality.
  • Helping them ensure better purchase awareness, customer journey optimization and complaint management.

Most advanced fraud detection technology

Evina uses expert systems for fraud analysis and detection. Expert systems (or rule engines) are an artificial intelligence technique, which reproduces the cognitive mechanisms of a person in a specific field.

Evina's software saves time and / or constitutes a decision aid based on an inference engine (that is to say from facts to reach a conclusion) and on precise knowledge (which the man, expert, will have previously had the machine ingested).


The best cybersecurity obsessions

  • Best fraud protection possible
  • Fewest false positives
  • Best latency


GDPR compliant

SMSprotect does not use any personal data:

  • No phone number
  • No personal identifier

Evina is not considered a data controller or a data processor.
Data used, processed and stored during all flows are the minimum required to ensure the service functioning.

Dedicated dashboards


Evina provides partners with dashboards to monitor and see traffic analysis results:

  • In real-time
  • Dedicated personal access
  • Training session
  • Downloadable and shareable data
  • Fully customizable data
  • Customized alerts